Now, what?

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It was May. The weather was once again nice and warm. Getting hot again, soon. I did not really have anything meaningful to study at Fudan. I had a legit and valid student ID card, with which I could buy tickets for „Chinese prices“ for trains etc. This huge and amazing country was waiting to be explored. But shy little me would never have even started a big trip on my own. Nevertheless, I seemed to have been talking about travel plans a lot, because one day a fellow German student approached me. He had heard that I might be planning a trip to Xinjiang. He, himself, always had the dream of seeing Tibet. But due to „unrests“ in the area Tibet was closed for foreigners. So, would I mind if he joined me?

And so, after a minimal amount of planning, we bought train tickets to the „Wild West“ of China! Heading for Kashgar on the Silk Road! The ultimate adventure for the country boy I was.

And off we went …

We planned a four-week trip. But at our destination we learned from other backpackers that there was one legal way to get into Tibet. I checked my finances: Could I afford extending my trip for another few weeks?

I have documented these trips to Xinjang and Tibet already. Therefore, I have linked these existing blogs in the overview table of contents.

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