Xmas 1987 in Hongkong

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So, this was the plan: About 15 to 20 fellow students from my semester back home were spending a year in China, scattered all around Mainland China, as well as Taiwan, and we had agreed to somehow, somewhere meet in Hongkong for Christmas.

Once again: Remember this was before email, smartphones, text messages and social media. Communication was by hand-written letters, dropped in a mailbox, and delivered by the Chinese postal services – which were actually very quick and reliable!

But meeting people in a big city this way without meticulous advance planning was basically, well: bumping into one another by chance! I do not remember whether I actually met any of my classmates from home.

Anyway, this was my first long train journey in China, and I was joined at least by one other Fudan student. I took some pictures on the way „down South“:

The coal loaded onto the train was both for heating and for the large water boilers to make tea in every train coach.

We arrived in Guangzhou / Canton and took the night ferry to Hong Kong from there.

We stayed in the legendary, infamous backpacker’s paradise or hell „Chunking Mansions“ in Kowloon. The weather was not too cold, but rainy. I remember only how strange it felt to see the Xmas decorations and hear Xmas carols and music everywhere.

Let me see what pictures I still have from Hong Kong:

I also remember getting really sick in Hong Kong for the first time.

We returned to Shanghai by boat from Hong Kong.

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