Yunnan: Kunming and Dali

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I managed to get a train ticket in Guilin. The train, comimg from Eastern China, was delayed for more that five hours, and we had to spend half the night in a windy, cold waiting room at the railway station.

Kunming is called The City of Eternal Spring. It is far in the South of China, but very high, and therefore it is about 20 °C there all year round. I do not remember much. I took a bus to Dali on the Erhai lake.

Happy, warm and sunny days, after Guilin in the rain!

But it was time to carry on: Chongqing on the Changjiang (Yangzi river) was my next destination. I planned to take a boat from there, all the way down the river, back to Shanghai.

New Year Preparations in Kunming

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