Winter Break!

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Chinese Universities have a winter break around the Chinese New Year, from mid-January to mid-February. All the foreign students took the opportunity to travel and see as much of the country as possible in these two weeks. So did I.

I chose the South-West for two reasons: I had an invitation from a painter in the city Yichun in Jiangxi province – another travel acquaintance of my father’s, years ago. Also, I wrongly assumed that in winter the South would be warm. It was not. And while the cold North had heating, the south did not. Never in my life was I so cold! Also, except for Yunnan, the weather was abysmally rainy, and it shows on my pictures.

As a result, probably, I got an infection of the middle ear upon arrival back in Shanghai, which kept me painfully busy for several weeks.

Several entries about the different places I went to will follow.

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